The Batthead is a standard size AA rechargeable battery that can switch itself on and off, and is controllable from your smartphone or tablet.
Imagine the cool things you could do with a regular rechargeable battery that was controlled by your smartphone or tablet. We've developed an AA-sized NiMH battery with a Bluetooth® Smart chip and sensors inside that puts you in control of your gadgets.
Use your mobile device as a remote control to instantly switch the battery on or off, or to configure any of the features described below.
Batthead With Matched Cells


Remote Control

With your smartphone or tablet, instantly turn on or turn off battery-powered gear with the Batthead installed. For example, turn off a noisy kid's toy before answering an important phone call.


Configure the batthead to turn on or off gear after a specified amount of time. For example, allow a child to play with a certain battery-powered toy for a limited number of minutes or until her bedtime.


Schedule the automatic switching operation of the Batthead based on time-of-day. For example, automatically switch on a battery-powered baby monitor receiver unit during a child's regular sleep times.


Configure the Batthead to automatically switch on or off, based on movement. For example, automatically switch on a flashlight when it is picked up, and have it automatically switch off when the flashlight is put down.


Turn on or turn off gear base on its orientation. For example, automatically switch on noise cancelling headphones while upright on a person's head, and have it automatically switch off when lying down on a flat surface.


Have your smartphone notify you based on proximity to, or distance from, your Batthead-powered device. For example, be notified when your smartphone is more than 30 meters away from your digital camera while at a wedding, to avoid leaving it behind at the table after a few celebratory drinks and a lot of dancing.

Ambient Temperature

Have your smartphone notify you based on ambient temperature crossing a certain threshold. For example, throw your waterproof flashlight into the lukewarm outdoor hot-tub, turn up the thermostat and wait inside by the fireplace until it reaches the desired temperature.


You may use any number of the features above simultaneously to configure your Batthead to the desired behavior. For example, quiet a noisy toy in the evening, but allow it to power back on the next morning when shaken.


Want to coordinate your battery-powered Halloween pumpkins and make a light show? Why not write a custom Batthead app? Watch for the publication of our GATT interface specification allowing all you developers to apply the Batthead exactly as you desire.

How would you use it?

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